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Ethernet Over Coax MoCA

Reliable whole home entertainment networking between all devices Smart TV’s, HD set top boxes and online gaming consoles need a faster and more stable internet connection than ever before. Even the latest Wi-Fi networks struggle to provide a fast and stable enough connection to meet the ever growing demand.

Without installing any new wires, the echoBox delivers a fully wired, high speed data network all around the home via your existing TV aerial cable. The MoCA® technology inside the echoBox was designed from the ground up to send fast and reliable data without being affected by the environment around it.

Most set top boxes and PVR’s don’t have Wi-Fi capability. The echoBox enables their online functions with all the benefits of a cabled connection.

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MoCA ® stands for Multimedia over Coax Alliance, the universal standard for home entertainment networking.

MoCA ® home entertainment is the only standard by which all three pay-TV ("pay TV") segments (cable, satellite and IPTV) is used.

The MoCA ® specification supports multiple streams of HD video, deliver up to 175 Mbps net throughput and provide an unparalleled user experience.

MoCA ® adapters are built in modern digital set-top boxes, such as the UPC Horizon.

Because MoCA ® adapters do not require IP address, the router in your computer network will not be unnecessarily overworked. The adapters provide the Ethernet signal simply by transferring the information toi the echoBox connected.

The echoBox is designed based on MoCA ® technology and fully meets the requirements MoCA ®.


Basic principle

The Ethernet signal is offered through the EchoBox via the coaxial cable. Through the existing coaxial cables inside your house wiring is the Ethernet signal is received by the EchoBox adapter at the other end, where it is passed to eg your Smart TV:



Moca basisschema-House

Basic diagram to connect MoCA ® adapters

The yellow line is to indicated the Ethernet cable from your router of cablemodem


Connection via home amplifier

MoCA ® technology is very robust. This allows the Ethernet signals to pass e.g. splitters, junction boxes and even amplifiers without any problems or signal loss. Without loss of speed, the Ethernet signal is received on the other side.

Moca basisschema met 1versterker

Basic diagram to connect MoCA ® adapters using you inhome amplifier

The yellow line is to indicated the Ethernet cable from your router of cablemodem


Multiple Connections

Up to 16 EchoBox adpaters can be installed in your inhome network. All adapters are 'self installing'!

Moca meer adapters in de woning


Basic diagram to connect multiple MoCA ® adapters using your inhome amplifier


The yellow line is to indicated the Ethernet cable from your router of cablemodem


Technical Speficiations

MoCA® chipset Entropic, EN2510 MoCA® 1.1 compliant
Ethernet interface     Gigabit Ethernet port  RJ-45  
Coax interface Loop through F-male 75 ohm
Filter Cable Television signal  5- 1006 MHz          
  Insertion Loss 2 dB
  Ethernet signal 1125 - 1525 MHz
  Insertion Loss 3 dB
Adapter input voltage  110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz      
Adapter output 12 Volt  DC, 1 Amp  
Power consumption
< 10 Watt
Dimensions echoBox  125 * 80 * 28 mm L * B * H



LED Indicators


Power connected LED blue Moca_front_nobackground_powerblue_light 
Adapter connected to the Ethernet LED yellow flashing   Moca_front_nobackground_powerblue_light_yellow
Adapter receives 100 Mbit Ethernet signals LED green flashing Moca_front_nobackground_powerblue_light_green_yellow_detail
Adapter receives 1 GBit Ethernet signals LED orange flashing   Moca_front_nobackground_powerblue_light_orange_yellow_detail








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