New Triax HMX Analysers Now Available From Asheridge

Asheridge Communications are pleased to announce that they are now partnering with Triax UK and will be stocking their latest HMX HDMI analysers for fault finding in HDMI systems.

The  HMX analysers provide installers with a tool to test and set up HDMI sources and screens as well as provide in line system testing.

The HMX analysers provide facilities that have until recently only been available to installers if they purchased test equipment costing thousands of pounds.

These analysers can be used as a source , sink (screen) or in line test unit and enable installers to test HDMI cables and networks without taking expensive sources ,screens or projectors to site.

The HMX can generate a range of test patterns  & timings (6 patterns ,at 25 different timings, ) to test cabling and screens or projectors. These patterns can also be used for setting up the screen or projector.

The HMX analyser can be used to read the full EDID information from the source or projector. This information is displayed over a number of pages on the screen  and can be used to determine if a device can support :Deep colour (including number of bits - up to 12 bits, 1080p@60Hz) as well as Audio return channel or CEC control.

This information enables installers to analyse why CEC etc may not be working or if a screen can support the output being generated by a source. If CEC is available within the device being tested then it is possible to switch it to standby/on using the buttons on the front of the analyser - confirming that the CEC path is operating correctly.

The unit can also determine if a source,screen or projector can support 3D signals as well as which type of 3D formats - side by side , Frame packed, top and bottom.The HMX can generate a 3D logo on a screen or projector that confirms the 3D support.

The HMX analyser has the ability to support ARC (audio return channel) as well as a number of audio formats including :

New lossless compressed digital audio DolbyTrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD master Audio),internal audio LPCM 2CH 48/96/192KHz, LPCM 5.1CH 48/96KHz,  LPCM 7.1CH 48/96KHz signals.

The presence of these signals and the ARC can be confirmed by connecting the optical output of the analyser to an AV receiver.


HMX analyser  provides:

  • Stable Source with 5 installed  patterns for  screen set up.
  • EDID reading  to determine attached device capability
  • 3D signal generation to confirm 3D specification
  • Audio Return Channel (ARC) monitoring
  • CEC testing
  • HDCP test
  • Source monitoring
  • HDCP Repeater function
  • Deep colour test
  • 2 year warranty